I would like to share some ideas and gameplay of my choice of Little Red Book virtual track, which is also a summary of our current project experience.

1. Amplification of field ideas

Now that we know that Little Red Book has a large number of treasure mother groups, we can associate some key roots from this aspect. You can think more about what children from 0 to 6 years old can learn.

For example: Enlightenment, early childhood enlightenment, kindergarten, early education, 0-3 years old training, parenting, young children, children's logical thinking, children's English......

These are basically root words, and later we need to dig products, we need to consider more similar roots, and then to dig blue ocean products, more root words, we can dig a lot.

2. Try to use software to analyze the root words based on their associations

We use the software that is true to its name, which is not for advertising. It is indeed a good software, and the software mainly focuses on Taobao to analyze, because the data on the e-commerce platform can be intuitively displayed to us, and we need to know the general data of a product.

In addition, we do little red book to put it bluntly, is Amoy on the red mode, Taobao fire of virtual products, if put into the little red book can also test operation.

Note: There are many better analytical tools than this, which I won't reveal here.

Let's take one example: Enlightenment


The word enlightenment can be divided into many categories, such as English enlightenment, legal enlightenment, geographical enlightenment, language enlightenment, music enlightenment, anti-bullying enlightenment, early education enlightenment and so on, each of which is a category we can test.

Note: The root of a word is divided into the general root, the root of a general root dug out, and the root of the industry, the root of a differentiated field
备注:词根分为 通用词根 ,通用词根挖出来的,又分为 行业词根、细分化领域的词根

To find our, we can look at these three indicators: search popularity, transaction conversion, through train transaction number

Figure: We look at the "through train transactions", we can see what is on the left and how many transactions on the right.


Among them, we can see that the number of transactions of the anti-bullying enlightenment picture book is 324. We can also see from other data that the search popularity is also very high, indicating that this product is very good. Now many treasure mothers are preparing for anti-bullying in advance, and no one wants their children to be bullied when they go to school.

We can follow this method to see his product, of course, there are a lot of popular, such as English enlightenment, although this popular, but can do, now a lot of babies like to see English enlightenment animation, such as Jacques first, baby shark and so on.

Maybe English Enlightenment is new to you, maybe you don't have kids, or maybe you've never paid attention to it.

In fact, this kind of treasure in the eyes of 0-6 years old mother is a great treasure, and many children like to watch this kind of.

For example: XiaoYouqu, this is an APP, which contains: Super Simple Songs, blue Koala, Maisy animation and other enlightening videos and songs for children.
例如:小小优趣,这是一款APP,里面包含了:Super Simple Songs、蓝色考拉、Maisy动画等各种幼儿启蒙的视频和儿歌。

This little Youqu has children should know ha, this is the introduction of 7000+ animation, 1000+ children's song audio stories from the world's best choice, the content of high-definition, green without advertising, including Chinese and English subtitles, very suitable for 0-7 years old children for English enlightenment and early education!

But this is a charge, the price is not cheap, the annual fee is 300+, so many people start to go to the channel to buy, channel selling only 100+ annual fee.

However, if you have a video source, you can sell it separately!

When selling, you can net disk, you can also U disk mail!

So, if you master the choice of ideas, you can do anything, of course, the above is just some of my gameplay ideas, or greater need to learn.

If you're interested in the Little Red Book, I suggest you get in the game. It's easy to do now.

Ok, so much for simple sharing, we will continue to share in the future!



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